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Touch lightly, experience a wide array of textures and scents, including the plush, velvety leaves of the Cuban oregano that bring back the childhood memories if Vic vapor rub, or the fine-toothed leaves of the rosemary that tempt you to lose yourself in its intoxicating aroma.

Enjoy the visual appeal of the contrasting colours and plant forms, from the tall, upright amaranth to the tight, ground hugging carpet of creeping thyme.

Listen carefully, with a breeze you may be able to enjoy the rustling leaves of the quaking aspen or the crunchy crackling of the strawflower as you brush your hand through the yellow blossoms.

Flower blossoms, leaf oils and even the cocoa bean mulch tease your nose with fragrant pleasures both familiar and foreign.

And finally, tingle your taste buds with a tiny pinch of the slightly numbing, licorice flavoured French tarragon, perhaps followed with the familiarity of a chive tip, freshened afterward with a peppermint leaf.

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